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Bhava:  Disbelief or Insignificance

Parvathamma in bhava

Swamiji’s mother, Parvatamma, in bhava samadhi.  Looking at the photo, she is looking left, under the photo of Swamiji.

Mataji in Trance

Swamiji’s second mother, Srimati Kailas Kumari Devi, the Maharani of Patna, (Mataji) in bhava samadhi the day before Shivabalayogi began his one-year tapas in Bangalore.  In Swamiji's photo album, handwritten on this photo, are the words, "Her Highness on Trance controlling the devotees on the eve of H.H. 1 yr tapas on 9/8/68. H.H. mother is in sorrowful mood."

In the very public and recent three decades of Shivabalayogi’s work in India and the West, we have volumes of history, experiences and explanations from Shivabalayogi himself about the reality and significance of bhava samadhi.

Today’s visitor to Shivabalayogi’s ashrams in India, and meditation and bhajan programs elsewhere, can witness devotees in bhava.  Even Baba Shivarudrabalayogi has publicly stated in Bangalore and Adivarapupeta that Shivabalayogi works through bhava samadhi.

Still, some Shivabalayogi devotees argue that bhava is not real, or that it was never a significant part of Shivabalayogi’s mission.


Lakshmi Kantamma in bhava Anang Singh Deo in bhava

Lakshmi Kantamma, who became Chairman of the Bangalore Trust after Shivabalayogi’s mahasamadhi, in bhava.
A large print of this photo was prominently displayed in the meditation hall at the Bangalore ashram.

Anang Singh Deo (right), the current Chairman of the Bangalore Trust, in bhava samadhi.







“Higher souls induce it.  Trance helps in physical, mental, and spiritual progress.”

 — Shivabalayogi


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