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Discouraging Bhava

bhava during bhajan in BangaloreBhava and bhava samadhi are Indian terms for spiritual trance.  In Christian tradition, depending on the sect, it is called pentecostal, charisms or baptism of the Holy Spirit.  There is spiritual trance among Sufis and shamans.  The Dalai Lama has his oracle, as did the ancient Greeks.  The Old Testament describes the trances of the prophets, but if you are mainstream Christian, there has been no prophesy since Jesus.

In each tradition, religious authorities have mistrusted direct experiences of the divine.  Gnostics were condemned as heretics and their scriptures burned.  Many Sufi mystics were horribly martyred.

There is a sinister reason why trance phenomena are sometimes suppressed.  Bhava samadhi, if it is real, is difficult to control.  Trance can present a political or religious threat.

When people have direct experiences of the divine, when people speak out from their experiences of ecstasy, they challenge the authority of political and spiritual leaders.  I find evidence of this in the history of religions and in what Shivabalayogi told us.

“[Jesus] taught meditation for everyone.  People from all religions used to come to Christ.  He taught meditation to all of them.  After Christ the spiritual leaders did not allow that to happen.  They stamped that out.  Astral bodies, bhajans and meditation, all these same things happened even during the time of Christ.  Christ started spreading this same type of meditation.  He also started bhava samadhi and trance through astral bodies and bhajans.  Not everyone liked what he was doing.  Some people and the religious leaders did not like it and they were jealous of him.  So they complained to the king about Jesus.”

Bhava at the Bannerghatta Road ashram, BangaloreBhava samadhi

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