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Bhava Samadhi Links
Shivabalayogi’s Own Words, Articles & Videos

Shivabalayogi’s Own Words

Read what Shivabalayogi has to say about bhava samadhi:

    Bhava Samadhi generally

    Divine Trance in Other Spiritual Traditions

    Bhava Samadhi as Divine Play

    Bhava Samadhi: Acting

    Bhava Samadhi & Tapas

Books & Articles

    The Bhava Samadhi pages of the Shiva website.

    The Shiva website pages on Bhajans and Spiritual Trance.

    The chapter on bhava samadhi, Bhava Leela (the “Play of Bhava”), published in Gen. Hanut Singh’s 1981 biography of Shivabalayogi, Spiritual Ministrations.

    The chapter on bhava samadhi, Tapo Leela (the “Play of Tapas”) in Prof. Rao’s 1968 biography of Shivabalayogi.

Film & Video of Bhava Samadhi

To see video of bhava samadhi, go to the Online Video page of the Handloom website.  Pretty much every video shows devotees in spiritual trance.  Among the most significant examples are:

    Bhava Samadhi, Divine Play, Spiritual Ecstasy
            edited from film and video taken from 1963 to 1987 in Adivarapupeta, Bangalore, Madras,
            Anantapur, Sambhar Lake, Dehradun, and Farrukhabad in India

    Film taken in Adivarapupeta 1963

    Film taken at the Bannerghatta Road ashram in Bangalore

    Video of programs in Jhansi & Farrukhabad in North India, 1986

    Video of Bhajans and Bhava Samadhi taken in Anantapur, 1982

     Video of Kirtan & Bhajans taken in Dehradun, 1986.

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