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The Misuse of Bhava

Bhava Samadhi, AdivarapupetaLike all spiritual blessings, powers, and practices, bhava can be a blessing or an obstacle.

There are countless blessings given through bhava, but there are also many examples of people misusing it.  People act and they claim to be what they are not.  Even if the bhava is genuine, people can misunderstand the experience or use it selfishly.  Bhava, as awesome and humbling as it can be, can inflate one’s ego.

Every spiritual tradition warns about the experiences, powers and ego that come with spiritual practices, whether meditation, samadhi, trance, or spiritual teaching.  But for some reason, spiritual trance gets singled out for more criticism.

Bhava AdivarapupetaNo one teaches that we should avoid meditation because some people have become proud or heartless from their meditation.

No one advocates eliminating religious or spiritual instruction because some false teachers make good money.

Many gurus have exploited their spiritual experiences and devotees for the sake of their own prestige and power, so many people want nothing to do with any guru.  But those seriously interested in the spiritual path should not stop taking blessings and seeking the true guru.

Shivabalayogi told devotees that even yogis who successfully complete tapas can have ego.  Should we discourage people from meditating in samadhi?

The more powerful the experience, the greater the danger from its misuse.  There is a corollary.  The more powerful the experience, the greater the opportunity for growth.

Bhava Samadhi, Adivarapupetabhava samadhi

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