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Many influences and inspirations motivated me how to edit and present book and video on Shivabalayogi.  There are two that influenced me greatly.  Ram Dass’ book on Neem Karoli Baba entitled Miracle of Love, and a little known movie on Haidakhan Babaji called Have Guru Darshan that was made by David Berry with a haunting soundtrack by Turkantam.

Be Here Now by Ram DassThe style and feel of Swamiji’s Treasure owes a great deal to Ram Dass’ incredibly sweet and powerful book of devotees’ experiences of their beloved guru, Neem Karoli Baba.  My hope was to try to do for Shivabalayogi and his devotees what Ram Dass had done so well.  Ram Dass, of course, is not only a superb writer but extremely original.  To this day, Be Here Now is amazing in its ground-breaking creativity.  For me, the most dramatic example of Ram Dass’ writing occurred in the movie about his stroke, Fierce Grace.  If you have seen it, you will remember the parents of a senselessly murdered high school girl reading the letter they got from Ram Dass that started them on the road to healing.  What and how Ram Dass wrote is spine-tingling.  Miracle of Love is a must read for all devotees.

Have Guru Darshan I first saw Have Guru Darshan at Azul’s house.  He was one of Swamiji’s hosts in Portland and we quickly became close friends.  Azul wrote and recorded Om Shiva which became an arthi sung at Swamiji’s Portland programs and pretty much the anthem for devotees in Seattle and Portland during Swamiji’s visits.  (You can download Om Shiva for free from the Handloom website.  It was recorded with Shivabalayogi in the studio.)  Azul wanted to make films on Swamiji, and he showed me Have Guru Darshan as an example.  I admit, the strobe effect in the first half disturbed me during my first viewing, but the simple images, no talking, and beautiful soundtrack continue to inspire me as I edit video of Swamiji.  I had to search Haidakhan Babaji websites before I found the DVD to replace my third generation VHS bootleg copy.

The quality I like about both Miracle of Love and Have Guru Darshan is that neither has mind stuff or editorializing that interferes with the direct experience of the yogi.

The inspirations for Mirage of Love and Have Guru Darshan, Neem Karoli Baba and Haidakhan Babaji, are yogis — spiritual giants.  But in books and videos on Shivabalayogi, it’s inappropriate to mix in other gurus.  Different people have different connections.  So I am grateful for this opportunity to share these two public acknowledgements.