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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“God will appear to you in your meditation in various forms and bhava.”

His Presence, Forms, Devotion

 His Physical Presence

Shivabalayogi’s continuing presence can be quite obvious.  To the extent a yogi’s presence is “concentrated” in certain places or bodies, he remains physically present in each Samadhi consecrated to him, in the things he blessed, in the bodies of his devotees his successors), and even at the places he visited during his extensive travels throughout India and the world.

  Devotion Draws His Presence

Most devotees never met Swamiji in his own physical body, yet often they feel Swamiji’s presence more powerfully than those who did.  Once he was asked why someone who was around him less often had more experiences of him, He explained,

“The difference comes because those who are close to Swamiji feel a kind of love towards Swamiji.  You feel he’s your Swamiji.  Whereas the one who’s away from Swamiji, they are feeling like 'Swamiji, Swamiji, Swamiji, Swamiji’ with their mind.  That’s the difference.”

Their stronger desire for Swamiji pulls Swamiji closer.  He often assured devotees that his presence would be stronger after he dropped his own physical form.

  Ishtadeva:  Each Person Sees God Uniquely

The more difficult question concerns the continuation of Shivabalayogi’s work.  His “mission” has often been summarized as giving darshan, blessed vibhuti, bhava samadhi, and initiation into meditation.  See His Mission.  To this end, devotees continue to organize meditation and bhajan programs, placing varying emphasis on meditation, bhajans and bhava samadhi (the path of devotion), spiritual discourses, and ritual practices (puja), all of which Shivabalayogi encouraged.

Shivabalayogi was always very adamant that each person’s unique connection and experiences of God must be respected.

“If you pray to your ishtadeva [one’s preferred form of God] before meditation you will get a lot of control of mind.  Then you can meditate well.  God will appear to you in your meditation in various forms and bhava.  Let us say you do not like this chocolate.  Instead you prefer another type of chocolate.  If I give you this chocolate you would not like it.  That is the meaning of ishtadeva.  That is the reason you have to pray to your own ishtadeva before you meditate.”


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