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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“The real guru is one who trains people.  One must practice.  Money is not required.”

The Mission: Reduce Tension

  The Tension Is Within

Time and time again, when Shivabalayogi was asked about his teaching, his mission, or his purpose for traveling to the West, his consistent response was a very simple reply: to reduce tension.

Promoting organizations, raising money, and figuring out who represents the “mission” are not conducive to reducing tension.

Shivabalayogi was openly hostile towards the business and “us-versus-them” sides of religion.

Tension is something within each of us.  Swamiji’s mission is to reduce that tension.  As Jesus is often quoted in the Gospel, and as the organization and missionary activity of Christian churches often obscure, the Kingdom of God is within.

In whatever forms The Living Yogi is with us, and however Shivabalayogi remains with us another forty years after his mahasamadhi, the mission is internal to each person.

  One God, Many Forms

Shivabalayogi is a God realized yogi.  There is only one God.  In a very real sense, Shivabalayogi reflects all other Self realized yogis, and all other Self realized yogis reflect Shivabalayogi.  And, as Swamiji sometimes privately and not-so-privately confirmed, many yogis of the past are his prior incarnations.

We should not limit Shivabalayogi’s blessings to the form of Shivabalayogi.  Who is to say that he is not continuing his work within other traditions, whether Native American, Christian, Sufi, Buddhist, New Age, or any other?

Swamiji himself often said that he was here to support everyone.




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