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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“When I leave I shall initiate 12, 21, 51 or 101 people into tapas and bless them to carry on my mission.”

The Shivabalayogi Story

  The Shivabalayogi Story

Shivabalayogi — the person who sat in tapas for twelve years, traveled to give darshan, blessings, meditation, and bhajan programs, and transformed lives — is a beautiful personality and a story full of wonder.  He embodies an incomprehensibly unlimited depth of spiritual qualities, experience and understanding.  Those who are touched by the story and contemplate its implications can draw inexhaustible knowledge and inspiration.

With his mahasamadhi, the story and personality of Shivabalayogi are complete.  We continue with the even greater and more profound story of The Living Yogi.  But where devotees can generally agree upon the story of Shivabalayogi, there is less consensus on the story of The Living Yogi.

  Meditation, Bhava & Indian Culture

In the years since his mahasamadhi, devotees have focused on three aspects of his mission in varying degrees.  They are meditation, bhava samadhi, and Indian culture.  Each is beautiful as well as potentially limiting.

In direct and indirect ways, Shivabalayogi encouraged devotees to explore beyond Shivabalayogi, explaining that he was not defined or limited by his physical body.  If we understood that Shivabalayogi is more than the personality, the true wonder that is Shivabalayogi would be even closer and more available.  We also would be less worried about his mahasamadhi and his mission.

Any notion we may have about Shivabalayogi’s mission and the devotees’ role in it can be limiting.  But the story of Shivabalayogi would be incomplete without a discussion of how he remains The Living Yogi, and what is his mission.




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