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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“If you have selfishness, you will have fear.  If you are not selfish, then automatically you will not be afraid.”

The Living Example
(Part 1)

Shivabalayogi Bangalore asana

  The Story of Shivabalayogi

Shivabalayogi assured us that yogis do not die, and that they are more available after they drop their physical forms.  What did he mean?  One way in which yogis do not die is the larger-than-life story they lived.

The Shivabalayogi story is more than a chronicle of events and a record of conversations.  It is the example that Shivabalayogi set.  There are lessons in this larger-than-life Shivabalayogi story.


When we think of Shivabalayogi, the first quality that leaps out is that he was fearless.  He was already quite fearless as a child, and his grandfather taught him to confront what fears he had.

“Even as a child, [Swamiji] was never afraid of anything because of the training that his grandfather had given him.”

That ability to be fearless, or to confront his fears, carried Shivabalayogi past cobra bites, black magic and thugs hired to run him out of town or even kill him.

Swamiji counseled that parents should raise their children without fear.  In many traditions, fear is considered one of the greatest obstacles on the spiritual path.  In personal psychology, books can be written about the corrosive effect of fear.  This one quality, Shivabalayogi’s example of the ability to confront one’s own fears, by itself is a rich treasure.

“If you have selfishness, you will have fear. If you are not selfish, then automatically you will not be afraid.”


Shivabalayogi personified truthfulness.  “Swamiji [as a child] cared only about the truth. Even today he is like that.”  As a child he was a fearless and uncompromising advocate for the truth, which earned him the village nickname, “Against.”  As a yogi, this quality earned him some opposition, and it troubled some people who thought Shivabalayogi was being unnecessarily abrasive.

Swamiji could “push buttons” and upset people, and some time had to pass before many could get past their own emotional reactions.  He was, after all, Shiva, and Shiva likes to shake things up.  But he did not care what our little egos thought, and many loved him for that.


He was persistent.  If he put his mind to something, he would not let go until it was accomplished.

A man who sat in tapas for twelve years without any expectation or desire for personal benefit personifies persistence.  “By doing the meditation you can increase will power.”

  Uncompromisingly Impartial

He was fair minded and an advocate for the underprivileged.  He openly attacked those who misused their authority.  Spiritual leaders, political leaders and business leaders who misused their power were all fair game.

There are several examples from Swamiji’s childhood about his uncompromising advocacy for the truth in the website.


He was selfless.  Knowing the hardships he underwent, whether the twelve-year tapas or the three decades of grueling travel schedules, it is hard to imagine that anyone would willingly undergo such a life for vanity.  He often said that his only possession was a loincloth, and he had that only for the modesty of others.  He was without personal desire, whether for power, wealth or sensual gratification. 

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