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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“In your country you are making nuclear bombs.  Shiva has sent Swamiji to get rid of them."”

The Cosmic Mission

  Agent of God

Within the Shivabalayogi story there is the suggestion that his mission is well beyond our comprehension.  He said that a yogi who completes tapas with no desire of his or her own becomes an agent of God.  They do the work that God gives them.  That is their “mission,” although Swamiji often used the English word “duty.”

There is a cosmic aspect to Swamiji’s duty.  He said that yogis work not only in this world, but in many worlds.  What Shivabalayogi does on other worlds, we do not know.  But on this planet, he talked about the coming third world war and how maharishis would empower the Kalki Avatar, who had already been born.  He talked about preventing this world from destroying itself through nuclear war and pollution.  He sat in tapas for one year to prevent war between India and Pakistan.

“There are different times, different maharishis.  So it doesn’t matter which planet it is.  Maharishis should go there in times of trouble.”

Shivabalayogi talked about his mission to prevent a potentially earth-destructive third world war.  From 1987 to 1990 he traveled to England and the United States.  Swamiji was in Kuwait in 1990 when Sadaam Hussein invaded and annexed the country as a province of Iraq.  The United States and England were the two military powers primarily involved in the war to eject Sadaam Hussein from Kuwait.  Had Russia or China intervened, Swamiji suggested, events might have turned out very dangerously.  Swamiji took credit for helping prevent a nuclear war.

Let us speculate that by making a physical connection with England, the United States and Kuwait, Shivabalayogi altered history and took the effect of a nuclear war upon himself.  Who is to say that he has not already accomplished his cosmic mission on this planet?

After Kuwait, Swamiji’s body was irreparably broken.  He pushed it for another three years, then took mahasamadhi.


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