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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“Whenever Swamiji takes birth all his devotees and disciples take birth.
This goes on for ever and ever and ever.  Some come late; others a little bit earlier.”

Shivabalayogi:  The Living Guru

  Soul Connections

Shivabalayogi lives on in the memories of his devotees and how he has touched their lives.  This is passed on to other devotees who have never met Swamiji in the physical body.  When we talk about him, his presence become manifest.  There is a soul connection between guru and devotee that Shivabalayogi often talked about.

If we combine a soul connection with a cosmic yogi unlimited by time or space, then we have additional and different perspectives on the continued presence of this great yogi.

  Time & Space

Swamiji was fond of the Yoga Vasishta, and that spiritual treatise relates stories of lives within lives within lives, of realities created by desires that appear to last lifetimes, but exist only for a few minutes.  Thought forms create more thought forms.

Reading the Yoga Vasishta can actually distort one’s own perceptions so that what appears as ordinary and real is only a narrow palette of possibilities.  We don’t have prior lives as much as parallel ones, and if there is a soul connection with Shivabalayogi, maybe we are his thought forms that have lost their ways — but only for a few minutes.

The tradition is that Shiva is perpetually sitting in tapas.  Perhaps we can sense how Shivabalayogi’s twelve year tapas has an enduring effect on the world, as if it were being performed now.  Its effects permeate our lives, and we can tap into its awesome potential even now.

Ultimately, Shivabalayogi is us.  Our real nature, our true Self, is the cosmic Shivabalayogi.  He is the link between the ordinary and what is beyond.  He is the external yogi who unfolds the internal yogi. 





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