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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“If you just look at the person you will come to know whether it is true trance or whether it is a show.”

Bhava & Trance Swamis (Part 1)

  Bhava Samadhi & Shakti Rupa

Since Shivabalayogi’s mahasamadhi, devotees in Shivabalayogi’s bhava samadhi (spiritual trance) have been talking, blessing and acting just like Swamiji.  Some refer to such manifestations as trance swamis.

Many hoped that bhava samadhi was the way that Shivabalayogi would remain The Living Yogi and fulfill his 59th birthday promise to remain physically present for another forty years.

Trance swamis assured devotees of Shivabalayogi’s continued presence, that devotees needed to continue the work, and that he would continue to guide the work.  If we had questions, he would answer through bhava samadhi, meditation, dreams or some other way.

A new term, shakti rupa (form of power), was employed to indicate that a trance swami could be identified with the original Shivabalayogi.  One particular trance swami assured devotees that Shivabalayogi had manifested so powerfully and completely in shakti rupa upon himself, that there was no more devotee, only Shivabalayogi.  “I am not this fellow [i.e., the devotee in trance] and Swamiji.  This is the shakti rupa of Swamiji in this man. . . . Why should you bother who is giving the answer?  You should only be bothered about the answer to your question.  Feel happy that Swamiji is with you in shakti rupa.  Whatever problems you have, whatever confusion you may have, Swamiji is sorting them out.  That is more important than anything else.”

The trance swami explained that Shivabalayogi entered mahasamadhi through yoga nidra (yogic sleep), and therefore his shakti rupa was unusual for even great yogis.  Shakti rupa is an indication of the great mission that God has given Shivabalayogi.






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