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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“It is you who gave them that power.  They themselves are ordinary people who cater to whatever people want.”

A Community of Devotees

  Serve One Another

When Shivabalayogi was in his own body, devotees saw the mission expressed through his own physical body, and there was only one Shivabalayogi.  Now that we no longer have that one body, it is unreasonable to expect any monolithic organization to express the mission, or even any general consensus to emphasize any one aspect of the mission, whether bhava samadhi, meditation or Indian culture.  Shivabalayogi, in his own body, made sure that his mission would be diverse.

The ideal would be if each Shivabalayogi devotee shared respect and honor for each other’s devotion.  Each would see Shivabalayogi in the other.  Each would recognize Shivabalayogi in all traditions.  None would espouse his or her views of Shivabalayogi’s mission as better than another’s.  Such is an ideal that requires honesty and humility that none of us has all the answers.

Shivabalayogi never asked anyone to believe anything.  He encouraged sincere doubt, and he insisted that people would be better served if they believed in what they knew, not what others told them.

Swamiji established ashrams, but he did not appoint successors.

His ashrams were open to the public.  Their temples were open to all devotees.  There were no rules except those that preserved the facility and equal access.

In Seattle he said the only qualifications for a trustee was the requirement to do a lot of work.  Those who had the privilege of hosting Shivabalayogi in the United States know very well that he expected the hosts to be the first to serve the devotees.

When there were personality conflicts, Swamiji insisted that we did not have to like everyone, but we had to learn to get along.

Swamiji himself set an example.  He is Lord of Lords, yet time and time again when there were decisions to be made, he asked the devotees and he considered their advice.  He would not even leave a program or retire to his bedroom without first asking permission from his hosts.

Shivabalayogi’s mission would be well served if his devotees practice honesty and humility.  We should not expect to convince others of what we believe.  On the contrary, we should love and respect the diversity within Swamiji’s large, spiritual family. 


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