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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

He said that Jesus had little time so very few disciples.  Swamiji has thousands of disciples and millions of devotees.

Measures of the Mission

 Measuring Spiritual Success

In conventional terms, the success of a mission is measured in size and recognition, and in these terms, the success of Swamiji’s mission can be questioned.  Shivabalayogi is still relatively unknown, even among the general Indian population.  There has been no explosion of Shivabalayogi meditation throughout the world.

Perhaps the mission will unfold more clearly with time.  Consider Jesus.  Shivabalayogi often compared himself to Jesus, and Christianity became widespread many decades, even centuries after the crucifixion.  Swamiji said that Jesus initiated only twelve devotees into meditation, but Shivabalayogi had initiated millions.  Even allowing for hyperbole, and there is no question that Shivabalayogi engaged in considerable exaggeration, Swamiji was making some very bold predictions.

Shivabalayogi explained that Jesus completed his mission as an avatar.  As Swamiji explained it, a yogi confers power upon an avatar.  Swamiji said he had passed power to many devotees to do the work.  Perhaps some get shakti rupa, some are made to meditate for five years, and others have different callings.

Perhaps we personalize the mission too much.  There is a tension between love for our guru and the human need to want others to validate the greatness of our guru.  Maybe Shivabalayogi’s mission is immeasurable because it is not limited to Shivabalayogi.

There may be many God-realized yogis, but only one God.  Perhaps Shivabalayogi’s tapas served to enhance the true spiritual missions under the headings of Jesus, Buddha, Islam, Native Americans and New Age practitioners.

Consider the revelations of previously secret spiritual knowledge and the proliferation of many practices and traditions in the modern world.  Who is to say that such revelations and practices are not part of Shivabalayogi’s mission?

Perhaps the mission of a yogi should be measured by the devotees.  All devotees, as in all lovers of God.



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