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Perspectives on the Shivabalayogi Mission Today

“Once they are brought into the spiritual line, their tensions reduce and they lead a peaceful life.
That’s what he wants to do in the world.”

Shivabalayogi:  the Living Self

Shivabalayogi Seattle  Profound Questions, Simple Answers

Shivabalayogi talked about the duty that his Divine Guru gave him, and he talked about how each person has his or her own duty.  In the more user-friendly language of today, we would say that each person has one’s own calling; one’s own purpose in life; one’s own inner direction.  Our duty is to discover and express our particular individuality.

When people asked what they thought were profound questions, Shivabalayogi gave simple answers.  Often it was advice to meditate and find out directly.

When Shivabalayogi answered questions about his mission, he mentioned any number of different purposes: teaching meditation; giving experiences through bhajans and bhava samadhi; healing through vibhuti (blessed ash) and prashad (blessed food); preserving the planet form destruction; empowering the Kalki Avatar; restoring the ancient ways (sanatana dharma); establishing a foundation; and guiding seekers to enlightenment and Self realization.

Perhaps the most frequent explanation that he gave for his mission is also the most significant and relevant.  It is also the most practical and applies to each devotee and disciple.  His mission is to reduce tension.

“People should reduce their tensions and do their work well.  This is his blessings to the world. . . . It is his intention to see where there is tension in the minds of people, and to go there and reduce their tensions, to bring them into the spiritual line.  Once they are brought into the spiritual line, their tensions reduce and they lead a peaceful life.  That’s what he wants to do in the world.”

Time and time again Shivabalayogi was asked about his teaching, his mission, and his purpose for traveling to the West.  His consistent response was to reduce tension.  Establishing organizations, raising money, and figuring out who represents the “mission” are not typically conducive to reducing tension.  Tension is something within each of us.  Swamiji’s mission is to reduce that tension.

As Jesus is often quoted in the Gospel, the Kingdom of God is within.  In Swamiji’s terms, the outside guru is a yogi.  The inner guru is God, Shankara Bhagavan.

In whatever forms The Living Yogi is with us, and however Shivabalayogi remains with us another forty years after his mahasamadhi, the mission is internal to each person.  In this sense, he is the expression of The Living Self. 


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