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  Telling the Truth
—  Yogis Don't Spin the Truth

  Recognizing Mahatmas
—  Get to Know Them

  Yogis with Ego 
—  Not Everyone Who Completes Tapas Is without Ego

  Spiritual Leaders’ Powers 
—  Not All that Glitters Is Gold

  Old & New Devotees 
—  Making Way for the New

  Silent Teaching 
—  Swamiji Discouraged Using Words to Teach Meditation or Describe Spiritual Experiences

  Swamiji Doesn’t Forget  —  Remembering His Devotees

  A Yogi’s Dramas  —  The Shiva in Shivabalayogi

  Associations with the Famous  —  If Swamiji is famous, it is because he has done twelve years of tapas

  Guru Brothers & Sisters  —  It Makes Sense Only If You Add It All Up

  Gurus, Obedience & Ashrams  —  A true yogi doesn’t tell others what to do; ashrams are for devotees.

It Makes Sense Only If You Add It All Up

When a group of Shivabalayogi devotees visited Baba Shivarudrabalayogi at the Dehradun ashram in February of 2000, this was after he completed his five years of meditation, one of the first things Baba said was that we are all devotees.  He assured us that he is not Shivabalayogi, only a devotee no greater or less than the others.

Baba said there will be those who become Baba’s devotees.  If Shivarudrabalayogi or Baba Seenu or whatever name we want to use is sitting on a dais, it is for the sake of his devotees.  Baba will have to be guru to those people who are devoted to him, and keeping some distance helps establish the respect between devotee and guru.  But with devotees of Shivabalayogi, he is an equal.

Baba told us that a month before he completed the five years, he had darshan of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.  They told Baba that among Shivabalayogi’s devotees, he has to always consider himself guru-bhai (guru-brother).  There is Swamiji inside each one of us, Baba said.


Shivabalayogi in Bombay, April of 1966 

Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj is one of the supreme teachers of the world.  No praise is too high for the venerable divine Guru who is none else but the Lord.  The holy Shivabalayogi is an embodied form of Ishwara (God) and there is more than enough evidence of this in his life and his devotees’ experiences.  More than that, who else but a divine incarnation could have gone through the mind boggling and awe inspiring twelve-year tapas that Shivabalayogi completed?  Who else could have spent an entire lifetime in turiyatitta, the state beyond the fourth state?

It must, however, be stated that he did not ever affirm his divine status and usually kept silent when questioned on it.

His past history, revealed in meditation and the astrological nadis, leaves no scope for doubt that he has been amongst the greatest gurus and avatars since the beginning of time.  He is the embodiment of pure love, divine knowledge and power of yoga, a real spiritual giant of our times.  Blessed indeed are those who have had his darshan (i.e., met him).  But who can count the blessings of those who practice his teaching?  When comes another like him?

— adapted from the writings of a disciple, Guruprashad

People ask if going to a program conducted by Shivarudrabalayogi or M.P. Singh swami or Shivabalananda or Swami Ken or any other Shivabalayogi disciple is authentic.  They want to know if they would get Shivabalayogi’s teaching and darshan.

I say they will, but do not expect any disciple to fully or accurately embody Shivabalayogi.  If you are looking for Shivabalayogi, you will be disappointed unless you see him everywhere.

Shivabalayogi is in mahasamadhi.  His physical body is everything he blesses.  His presence in the world today remains, as Baba put it, in the heart of each devotee.  Before Shivabalayogi, we are all guru-brothers and guru-sisters.

If we think that Shivabalayogi is working through only one or a select few disciples, Shivabalayogi’s mission will not make sense.  One emphasizes this, the other that, different people are drawn to different aspects, and you have controversies.  But if we add it all up and respect it all as Shivabalayogi, it begins to make a lot more sense.